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Bodø lacks neonsigns – it’s a huge problem

Recently I was reminded of one of my shots in Bodø city centre. I saw one of @owuttudal image with the neon B-sign at Stormen Konserthus. I was instantly reminded of a portrait session I did with Hedda. As much as this post is going to be praising the neon B, I will also talk trash about the lack of neon signs I Bodø.


Neonsign fanatic

I have so much love for the neon B, and let’s not forget the neon S. But it’s super lame that these are the only go to neon lights for photographers in Bodø. I have been looking for these beautiful lamps all over Bodø. Everything from construction workers fluorescent tubes in tunnels, to Gatsby’s magnificent red neon sign. But is this enough neon signs. My answer is no. Why can’t finding neon signs be as easy as predicting rain in this city. If we are going to be cultural municipal of Europe, we got to have neon signs other places then just Stormen.

Forget self-driving busses, and competitions where you run up the tallest buildings fire escape stairs. Focus on the good stuff. The sweet coloured lights with shapes. As soon as we get more of those here in this gloomy dark city, I might even stay.

Why are neon signs so great?

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