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Lightroom presets


Give any picture a summer vibe with rich orange and yellow colors! Mixed whit balances are not a problem anymore, the preset fixes that for you. The image gets a more professional and sharper look. You get 3 Colorgram presets made for different situations; Nature, Travel, Sky. Each with their differences, but all of them following the summer vibe!


Feminist is a perfect preset for stunning portraits with rich color. Giving the subject a smoother skin tone, whilst boosting the colors that are interesting in the picture. The feminist filter got is name for the strong contrasts and the pink hue in the picture.

Comming soon

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Or... Buy them all for only 20$

Buy Colorgram, Feminist and preset for only 20$. You save 15$ on these three amazing presets! Also, when buying this bundle, you will be part of the VIP club! What is VIP club? You get all pre-sets that will be launched on this page, for free!

More presets coming soon!