Welcome to the Team!

Our newest, and only other member of the team Hedda. She will be moderating the site from now on. She has this to say entering the role:

Hi, my name is Hedda F. Bang and I am 17 years old. I’m a kind and caring person. Most of my time I spend time with my friends, my boyfriend, my education and being assistant and model for the site.
I am currently studying low voltage electronics. I have a goal of finding something that I like to do, and pursue that.
I’m lucky to be site model and assistant for this site, as it gives my day variation and it makes my day much more fun.
The pictures taken of me shows that anyone can look awesome and beautiful in their own way.

I hope to recruit others sooner or later. But for now the team will only consist of us two.

But without any further ado, give her a warm welcome!