UKM 2018

UKM 2018

Hi, I am just announcing that I am taking part of UKM this year. I will be photographing the performances of the young youth of Bodø.

I hope I will be progressing to the next UKM festival, which I didn’t have time for last year. Hopefully this year’s UKM will just as smooth sailing as last year.

If you are at UKM in Bodø you may see me walking around in the audience with my camera, lurking around to find the perfect shoot. I will probably bring my newest in the collection of lenses, the Sigma 150-600mm to get some close ups. I don’t know yet.

Something that I learnt from last year is that a monopod is a handy tool to bring. I will probably take one with me this year, especially if I’m bringing in the big guns. Another thing I didn’t think about last year was to shoot in Manuel. Maybe because the lighting was terrible for the most part. But this year I will shoot in manual to get a more consistent result.

Hope I see some friendly faces at UKM, and I hope to see you to.