Innstranda Idrettslag

"A new Mission"

A new mission, a new challenge. Recently soccer player Martin Andreas requested a squad picture for their soccer team. He soon before picture day requested individual pictures of all the players. This I agreed to and the shooting began the very next day. Because of the easily controllable video lights and a huge reflector, and some handy assistant work form Hedda, made the shoot quick and with a flaw. Outside photography is all about the light in the sky, and because of the harsh lighting from overcast I decided to mix in the video lights. This work splendid with a reflector as my key light. Aligning the football players from size and colors of their shirts was the first thing that I prioritized. Making it a good composition with symmetry.

After my normal back and forth with clients about their preferences, and how they can be used in my work we concluded the mission. In the end the soccer team was satisfied with the work and effort I put in and had few to no adjustments they wanted me to make. I am satisfied myself with my work, and how it turned out, and I am happy the chance came about to photograph a whole team of soccer players.

I myself like the professional look of the portraits, almost like the pictures on a soccer collection card. This is probably me just telling my future self to make fantasy team cards for soccer teams in the area.