Raspberry PI photography project

For those of you that don’t know I am a huge fan of programming and electronics. Recently I have picked up my Raspberry PI again, and I wanted to share my thoughts and what my plan is to do with in the photography world.

The Raspberry PI is a small computer, it’s the size of a wallet. It is the go to device for beginner programmers and hobbyist low voltage electricians. But what am I integrating this device in the photography world? The idea struck me when I looked at motors for the Raspberry PI. Why not build a slider motor out of it with a camera release cable? Motors for sliders are stupendously expensive, so why not build one myself. I know it seems like a time consuming and already dead project. I like a challenge, so why not try. I will keep everyone updated, also follow me on twitter where you can see my teeth grinding tweets about the raspberry (and some other content).

Another update besides the Raspberry PI, some might have noticed that I am back with my rapid uploads on social media. Thank you for staying. I am currently trying to find my niche, content on Instagram might change because of that. More on that later.